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Chain Strike


You've encountered a strong boss!
You might lose the battle with basic attacks.
Let's move your Guardians around to activate
a Pincer Attack with 4 Guardians!

Guardians will activate a Pincer Attack to deal
additional damage if there are enemies within their common attack line. Place your Guardians strategicallyto defeat enemies with this combo'd attack!

Move Maria to where the arrow is pointing at
for a Pincer Attack!

I'll move Grion for you!

Lastly, move Mountain Spirit on the tile that
the arrow is pointing at!

It's the opponent's turn now. Heads up!

I knew he wasn't an easy target to defeat… Don't worry!
We can defeat the boss with strategic placement!

See the blue line pointing towards the enemy?
It means that you're ready to activate a Pincer Attack.
Now, it's time to show him what you've got!